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This is the web site/blog for my books, “The Physics and Philosophy of the Bible” and Science, Philosophy, and Jesus Christ,” Volumes 1 and 2 respectively of the two-book series, “The Inevitable Truth.” These can be obtained through Amazon in paperback and ebook versions.

Volume 1 has been favorably reviewed by the conservative Christian periodical, “Christian News,” a Lutheran publication. Additionally, Dr. Charles Taliaferro, Chairman of the Department of Philosophy at St. Olaf College in Minnesota, has written thus about it: “Because medical doctors or physicians have made vital contributions to philosophy, from Maimonides, Avicenna, and John Locke in the history of philosophy to Raymond Tallis today, it should not surprise us to see Dr. James Frederick Ivey’s superb contribution to our philosophical reflection on the bearing of current physics on Biblical faith. Perhaps it takes a person well trained in the application of science in medicine to see the ways in which the application of science, especially modern physics, quantum mechanics, and relativity have important applications in our thinking about God, the Bible, and Judeo-Christianity. The terrain is not unexplored by philosophers, theologians, and popular writers, but it is rare to see the kind of engaging clarity, breadth, and conscientious, mature reflection to be found in Ivey’s book.”

A second endorsement I have received with regard to Volume 1 is from David A. Kaufmann, Ph.D., Past Secretary, Creation Research Society and Professor of Applied Physiology (Retired), University of Florida, Gainesville, Fl. He has written as follows: “In his book, The Physics and Philosophy of the Bible, Dr. James Ivey, although a physician, has done his homework in both the physical sciences and philosophy.

“He argues that modern physics, relativity and quantum mechanics strongly infer the existence of God. He concludes that the historical man, Jesus of Nazareth, was not a lunatic or a liar, but truly God. He submits that Biblical Christianity has all the truth in it and is radically different from all other faiths. His book is a must read for those who have problems with science versus theology.”

Thirty-two reviews of “The Physics…” are available for perusal on this book’s Amazon page.

My books, “Things Are Not as They Seem,” and “Our Origin and Our Immortality,” are now obsolete; they contained essentially the same material as “The Physics and Philosophy of the Bible” and “Science, Philosophy, and Jesus Christ.” Volume 1 emphasizes the truth of theism and the Biblical God as the true God, and Volume 2 has more to do with why we should expect such a God to come to us as a human and why Jesus is this divine figure.

Following this organizational note, you will find a synopsis of “The Physics….” After that, I have posted chapters from this book, “How God Can Exist and Why He Must” “A Theodicy.” Next, shall find biographical notes, questions and answers, an essay on evil as nothing other than subtraction from good, a treatise on our universe as the thought of God, and a picture of me.

These initial posts are too long for a blog; please bear with me–in the future, most of my posts will be the kind that you can read in ten or fifteen minutes. I hope this site will become conversational. I welcome all comments that are not obscene. This site can be pulled up with the moniker, as well as by Though I am an old guy, 76 as of April 30, 2015; nevertheless, feel free to call me Jim, if you like.  Jim Ivey (MD)

Log-line for “The Physics…:” This writing consists of new thought and novel ideas in relation to the substantial support that relativity, quantum physics, classic philosophy, and history provide regarding the validity of theism and Christianity.”

A blurb for the same book: “The primary premise of The Physics and Philosophy of the Bible is the notion that science, classic philosophy, and history all support the validity of theism and, most specifically, Christianity. This book explains how quantum physics has rendered atheism obsolete and why the true God must be the Creator found in the first two chapters of Genesis. Rational accounting, investigation with the mind’s eye, inevitably leads to the conclusion that this God must timelessly emerge from absolute goodness and that this Personification of The Truth gives rise to One who fervently desires our welfare and love. He is in fact so caring that, when our free will and desire for personal gain lead to our imperfection, which precludes all association with Him, the only Source of life and all other good things, He personally sees to our rescue, even though it entails the greatest possible sacrifice of His human embodiment and executive aspect, Jesus of Nazareth. 

Because God is The Truth and The Truth is reality, God’s thought is reality; therefore, whatever He desires exists without His having to call it into existence. Thus, our universe is the thought of God, and mind is primary in our world, superseding matter.

Other theses of The Physics and Philosophy of the Bible are faith as multidimensional and as necessary in science as it is in theology, the history of the Jews as powerful evidence that they are the chosen people of the true God, and the validity of eternal life as confirmed by Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. Additionally, this work tells of the right of the Biblical God to the exclusive love and worship of humanity.




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