Biographical notes

james-iveyI, Jim Ivey, the primary blogger on this site, was born in 1939, the son of a pharmacist who had great interest in science, especially astronomy.  My mother’s father was a lawyer who had been a mathematics professor and worked calculus problems for fun.  He also had a great interest in astronomy and an even greater love for music.  His passion for piano and violin led to a multi-generational involvement in this greatest of the arts.  It was well into my adulthood, however, before I realized the importance of mathematics as the framework of the universe and music as a grand example of physics.

My first wife was to me unique in her degree of Christian faith.  She initially wanted to be a missionary or a minister, but settled for homemaking, teaching and lots of church work.  She stimulated my commitment to Jesus of Nazareth, which led to my becoming interested in philosophy and history.  Soon it became apparent to me that the thought of Socrates/Plato blended well with the content of the Bible.  At the same time, in following in my dad’s and grandfather’s footsteps, I developed the same feeling concerning modern theoretical physics and cosmology.

Love for the outdoors led me to Alaska with my growing family.  There my wife’s and my number of offspring grew from three to five.  These wonderful children has since presented me with twelve grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

I developed a career in family medicine, did some nursing home work, and became involved in numerous endeavors having to do with alcoholism.  The Truth Is Inevitable germinated in a milieu of frontier life, which included hunting for meat, fishing for salmon, gathering berries, gardening, and wood-cutting.

Concurrently, my Christian faith increased.  My wife and I moved back to Florida in 1991, as our then-grown children had mostly moved south.  She died in 2004, and I am now remarried to yet another most excellent woman and wife.  Our families have blended beautifully.